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C: - earnest sound people are reassuring. the sound there is beautiful, the gear is plentiful and sturdy, and the microphones did not smell like feet, or worse.

M: Second most efficient and cute sound guy in the city. And he said we sounded better than a lot of five piece bands he'd mixed. I'm taking that as a compliment, even though he might just have meant we sounded only three hammers being kicked down the stairs. And oh yeah, it's
freakin' awesome (and a little freaky) to work with a good sound system. I do enjoy the loud a lot.

C: - poetry people are amazing, and arrive early. the place was packed. PACKED to capacity. the Toronto Poetry Slam is a vortex of awesome.

M: So true--it was fun just being there for the slam. Being able to play for the poetry crowd too made it extra awesome. I also loved how many people were saying "I haven't seen you since..." before we went on. I hope we impressed them with our now higher level of rockedness.

C: - Roy was battling kitty-induced asthma, but was a total trooper and made it through the set without keeling over.

M: ...although imagine the Spinal Tap-like notoriety...what? I'm just sayin'...

C: - there were people dancing in the aisle by the third song. i've never smoked crack, but i'm pretty sure the high from seeing people dance to your songs is pretty close.

M: That was epic!!! I was not expecting that from the poetry crowd! Totally fun and they looked like they were having such a good time, too. It's such a blast seeing people really get into our ridiculous groove with us.

C: - there were a couple of quiet looking girls in the first row directly in front of me who looked confused, then weirded out, then by the third or fourth song they were laughing. hope we didn't scare them! or corrupt them... they looked like nice wholesome people.

M: That is our mission--confuse and corrupt wherever possible. And make people stay up late on school nights.

C: - for the last tune, when i asked for gals to come dance onstage, at least 8 girls ran right away. i didn't have to bully, or beg, or threaten! yay for enthusiastic dancers! then more gals snuck in from the wings!

M: Oh yeah, that was classic--we were swarmed! Thank you, ladies, for the
stellar booty-shaking--it's times like those that make me feel like a real rockstar!
21 December 2011 @ 02:25 pm
* a night of female fronted rock *
Sat. Dec. 17 - The Brass, London

- drive was mellow, London had snow on the ground. ick. clean that shit up, people.
- east side mario's - fuel, coffee, and in Roy's case, bread, 2 bowls of wedding soup, and chicken parmesan... after eating a whole lobster just hours before. much Roy mockery ensued. (bulimia is SO '87, Roy!)
- Anne Moniz has such a lovely voice & style. you should all listen to her a lot
- her first acoustic solo show in ages & she did it because we all asked. yay!
- the door gal drew boobies on hands as people came in. sweet
- London people are party people. we approve.
- Mercedes' Mom really liked us. so there, Dan, at least one Mom likes us!
- watching people notice our outfits and not be sure if they should stare or not... was totally funny & weird
- we were Santa's Ho-Ho-Ho's... Cyn was Mrs. Claus, Mandy was Santa's mistress Crystal (who works down at the strip joint workin the pole on Tuesday afternoons during the lunch buffet), and of course, Santa's "special longtime companion Lance" was on drums.
- Alcoholly's = Awesome. (Mandy has a total girl crush on them) sad that the PA kept cutting out on them. "if this PA had a face, i would fuck it. with my foot." there may have been tech issues. they are funny when they are cranky.
- guy wanted to book us for a show without even hearing us first. (this has happened before too!)
- a certain band member doesn't remember why they were bitten on the chest but perhaps it made sense at the time. (and it totally left a bruise! i'm telling!!!)
- Mandy's guts moan in the morning like a ghost in the hotel hallway. "ghost of doritos past"
- Roy is HILARIOUS in the morning. true, he tries to molest everything moving, but still, hilarity. who jumps into the shower when a gal is standing there doing her makeup? Jeez.
- always read our twitter for uncensored, drunk, up to the second twattering. (we often read it the next morning & feel much shame) you don't have to log in to twitter or anything to read it - http://twitter.com/highheelslofi
19 December 2011 @ 02:31 pm
Totally Epic Stuff that happened at the show you missed because you are SAD:

- Zombie Claus crawling for Cyn's ankle & being dragged out by the leg by Carl the grumpy Elf
- lots of super sexy elves dancing sexily
- Zombie Claus introduced all of the acts but due to his grunting and yelling "peepee!" all of the time, Carl had to translate
- OMG sexy elves everywhere, all of the time
- Bella Fox, the naughty evil toy - a prancing sultry unicorn gone bad. Will she fit in my stocking?
- Red Herring - beginning to look a lot like fishmas. Glam red glitter tassels everywhere! her spinning pastie tassels nearly knocked the world off its axis.
- National cupcake day - free chocolate cupcakes for everyone
- Colin Crawford was a lovely intro - played several songs & really warmed up the room
- Run For It Marty! were a loud crazy ball of energy. Pat's got the moves like Jaeger!
- Cyn was interrupted in middle of verse with a shot of tequila fed to her by Zombie Claus, who was riding Carl the Elf like a horsie.
- Mandy has no idea what shot Zombie Claus fed her, but it tasted like cigarettes and despair.
- Roy actually missed a beat due to being attacked (humped) by sexy elf boobies
- Mandy's new amp sounds awesome and even Roy approves.
- the first guitar solo / ass solo combo was attempted. nobody died.
- Doug pulled 8 people off the street to come up & see "Toronto's awesomest band". (thanks for lying Doug!) but they loved us & danced right away!
- there was dancing through the whole set... especially the sexy elves! on stage!
- busted out new tunes - a horrible new original, a classic chick rock cover, and our "holiday classic"

thanks SO much to everyone who came out to party with us! it was a fantastic way to celebrate the Books of the Dead two year anniversary, the holiday season, and great friends.
19 December 2011 @ 02:10 pm
(because we're slow & forgot to do them... so here are a few points we sort of remember)

Saturday August 13 - Rancho Relaxo
The Breaks, The Black Void, High Heels Lo Fi

Cyn's Notes:
- how did i get talked into wearing a bikini on stage? something about a beach party? gak. there were beach balls, loud flowered shirts, and umbrellas in drinks. good times!
- great photo on facebook page of doug bringing us a round of shots & spacker's hand trying to untie my bikini top. saucy!
- we played pretty well, people screamed & had fun, and nice boys helped us lug equipment at end of night.
- enthusiastic cheerleaders! flute solo!!!

Tuesday August 16 - Clinton's
The Art Bar Poetry Series - Music & Poetry night

Cyn's Notes:
- we started with our more "literary" songs since this was a poetry event. (stop laughing!) but still, i noticed a certain gal giggling with her hand over her mouth when we got to the naughty bits. oh well.
- the sound & lights at Clinton's are always fabulous, and it's nice to see Fletch at the soundboard - you know that everything that goes wrong will be OUR fault and never gear.
- several nice people came to chat to us afterward and said they dug our music. sweet!

Saturday August 20 - The Richmond Tavern, London
The Golden Rule, High Heels Lo Fi, Adam & Roy's birthdays

Cyn's Notes:
- another bikini show. argh. ift. oh well. and yet, Mandy thought she could get away with wearing a one piece? wtf?
- Since it was Roy's birthday, we have to forgive him for getting shitfaced. and i mean RUINED. we played him Happy Birthday and he doesn't remember. he played some songs super fast, and it was hilarious trying to keep up.
- something about the Richmond encourages people to come up & chat to me while i'm in the middle of playing a song. it's very strange. but very hilarious.
- it was Adam's birthday too, and he was so smashed he could barely play the cowbell.
- lovely people were coming out of everywhere and nowhere to buy us shots. i heart London!

And now, a story... Roy & Rio went to get food and were going to meet us at the hotel. Mandy & I weren't far behind, but we went to the 7-11 for gatorade and chips. Typical "soak up all of that tequila" sort of 4 am snacks. A guy in front of the store was playing Johnny Cash and wasn't that bad. Some guys invited us to a party, and for some reason we didn't jump right into their van. We finally staggered to the hotel, went up to whatever floor, and I was off the elevator first. I hadn't gone with them earlier when they dropped off our stuff, but I could tell which was our room just by glancing down the hall. There on the floor in front of a doorway was a pile of little lettuce and tomato bits. Roy apparently had been eating his sub on the way in, and dropped it. Five second rule! Hotel floor sub has Extra Special seasoning, right?
08 August 2011 @ 02:10 pm
Toronto - Sat. Aug. 13 at Rancho Relaxo with The Breaks & The Black Void

London - Sat. Aug. 20 at The Richmond Tavern with The Golden Rule

dress beachy! wear a bikini! bring a beach ball! chug fruity drinks! give our drummer Roy birthday spankings!

check out http://www.highheelslofi.com for a video message from Mandy & a new video from a recent show in Ottawa.

if you haven't been out to see our band yet, and you live in Toronto, what's stopping you?
it's about time you checked us out - we are hilarious & you're guaranteed to have a blast.
16 May 2011 @ 10:56 am
484 Queen West, no cover

Truth Panel at 9, HHLF at 10, then both bands do two more sets.

screw you Monday, let's have fun tonight!!!
12 April 2011 @ 11:45 am
Two shows this week - please select your nearest city & come on out to party with us!

Thursday April 14th at Rancho Relaxo, 300 College St.
with For the Birds and The Shady Bails
doors at 9, music at 10, us around 11 (we think - but be early!)

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid2799474782676

Saturday April 16th at The Brass, 186 King St
with The Stuntdoubles

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid1390474605970

Newest songs & burlesque girlies at http://youtube.com/highheelslofi

Hope to see you soon!
Cyn's Notes:

Due to amount of equipment and the addition of our roadie / photographer / buddy
Rio, drums & boys drove to London in the big car, and chicks & guitars in the
smartcar. Thank BOB for the dry roads! Mandy & I played peekaboo with children
in the London East Side Mario's, made Santa sit in my lap, and fueled up with
munchies, coffee, and a pre-drink.

Makeup & red bull at the hotel, cabbing gear to the venue... all of that
pre-show crap and we actually arrived early. Keen. Soundcheck was a runthrough
of "Shove Your Bells", which Roy had never heard before but faked it very well.
The room didn't fill up until after we started playing though, which was a
little unnerving. But then people wandered in, a nice boy brought us a round of
shots, and all rocked the rock like rock. I think we were pretty good...
although the timing of songs seems to be revved up a lot when Roy is in the mood
for uber-rockin!

I think we played pretty well. We were having a damn blast, so I hope that came

According to the girl standing at the edge of the stage wanting to talk to me
while i was in the middle of the last song, the lesbians from the pub crawl at
the back of the room loved us. YAY!

Oh yeah! At the start of Big Dumb Rock Song, I said, "If anybody knows Helix,
shhhh... don't tell them that we sorta ripped off their song. Wait, no... it's
an homage! That's it!" Sure enough, guy in audience is wearing a Helix cap and
is meeting up with Brian the next day because he's doing carpentry on his
house... and he was going to show him the video of that song. Eek. What are the

While bent over packing gear super fast after our set, I'm pretty sure I
accidentally flashed all of the cleavage i've got (not much, but still) at the
boys sitting near the front. Sorry boys. You'll live.

The best part of a show comes after our set. Drinking! Hanging out with awesome
people! Jagerbombs! Pulling a chesty gal's shirt off pretending to see if a High
Heels Lo Fi t-shirt will fit her rack! Other bands!

I don't remember a lot of the rest of the night... Lots of awesome pieces. Fun.
Danger. Temptation. Ran out of tequila & switched to vodka. Cut myself off for
20 minutes, and precisely 20 minutes later nice boy with watch was running over
to buy me a drink. People are far too nice to me, it's strange. Shots with
bartender. Whispering in ears. Great music. Guitarist from Silver Screems shreds
like Herman Li. I'm supposed to contact a gal named Peaches but didn't find a
business card in my bra so I guess I can't. Joey Ramone was there, in miniature.
Wanted to go to afterparty but was a responsible drunkard for once.

Mandy loudly announcing to the hotel lobby "PLAID DOESN'T SLEEP." Noise
complaints? How angry were they? I think we had to kick the boys out of the
girls bed again. Pervs. Waking up with Roy's head on my ass and wishing I ate
black beans the night before, but alas. Pillowfight. Red bull & Doritos for
11:30 am pre-breakfast.

(Did you know that Mandy sleeps in only a tank top & a thong? TMI!)

Across the street from hotel was a pub where I had the BEST OMELETTE IN THE

Roy's Notes:
What else is there? That's everything...

Mandy's Notes:
Boys were busy looking down your top; Roy was busy looking down Rio's
top; I was busy looking down the neck of an empty bottle.
...I think I just wrote a country song.



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