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19 December 2011 @ 02:10 pm
THREE show reports in one!  
(because we're slow & forgot to do them... so here are a few points we sort of remember)

Saturday August 13 - Rancho Relaxo
The Breaks, The Black Void, High Heels Lo Fi

Cyn's Notes:
- how did i get talked into wearing a bikini on stage? something about a beach party? gak. there were beach balls, loud flowered shirts, and umbrellas in drinks. good times!
- great photo on facebook page of doug bringing us a round of shots & spacker's hand trying to untie my bikini top. saucy!
- we played pretty well, people screamed & had fun, and nice boys helped us lug equipment at end of night.
- enthusiastic cheerleaders! flute solo!!!

Tuesday August 16 - Clinton's
The Art Bar Poetry Series - Music & Poetry night

Cyn's Notes:
- we started with our more "literary" songs since this was a poetry event. (stop laughing!) but still, i noticed a certain gal giggling with her hand over her mouth when we got to the naughty bits. oh well.
- the sound & lights at Clinton's are always fabulous, and it's nice to see Fletch at the soundboard - you know that everything that goes wrong will be OUR fault and never gear.
- several nice people came to chat to us afterward and said they dug our music. sweet!

Saturday August 20 - The Richmond Tavern, London
The Golden Rule, High Heels Lo Fi, Adam & Roy's birthdays

Cyn's Notes:
- another bikini show. argh. ift. oh well. and yet, Mandy thought she could get away with wearing a one piece? wtf?
- Since it was Roy's birthday, we have to forgive him for getting shitfaced. and i mean RUINED. we played him Happy Birthday and he doesn't remember. he played some songs super fast, and it was hilarious trying to keep up.
- something about the Richmond encourages people to come up & chat to me while i'm in the middle of playing a song. it's very strange. but very hilarious.
- it was Adam's birthday too, and he was so smashed he could barely play the cowbell.
- lovely people were coming out of everywhere and nowhere to buy us shots. i heart London!

And now, a story... Roy & Rio went to get food and were going to meet us at the hotel. Mandy & I weren't far behind, but we went to the 7-11 for gatorade and chips. Typical "soak up all of that tequila" sort of 4 am snacks. A guy in front of the store was playing Johnny Cash and wasn't that bad. Some guys invited us to a party, and for some reason we didn't jump right into their van. We finally staggered to the hotel, went up to whatever floor, and I was off the elevator first. I hadn't gone with them earlier when they dropped off our stuff, but I could tell which was our room just by glancing down the hall. There on the floor in front of a doorway was a pile of little lettuce and tomato bits. Roy apparently had been eating his sub on the way in, and dropped it. Five second rule! Hotel floor sub has Extra Special seasoning, right?