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20 January 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Show Report - Sun. Jan. 8 - The Drake Underground  
C: - earnest sound people are reassuring. the sound there is beautiful, the gear is plentiful and sturdy, and the microphones did not smell like feet, or worse.

M: Second most efficient and cute sound guy in the city. And he said we sounded better than a lot of five piece bands he'd mixed. I'm taking that as a compliment, even though he might just have meant we sounded only three hammers being kicked down the stairs. And oh yeah, it's
freakin' awesome (and a little freaky) to work with a good sound system. I do enjoy the loud a lot.

C: - poetry people are amazing, and arrive early. the place was packed. PACKED to capacity. the Toronto Poetry Slam is a vortex of awesome.

M: So true--it was fun just being there for the slam. Being able to play for the poetry crowd too made it extra awesome. I also loved how many people were saying "I haven't seen you since..." before we went on. I hope we impressed them with our now higher level of rockedness.

C: - Roy was battling kitty-induced asthma, but was a total trooper and made it through the set without keeling over.

M: ...although imagine the Spinal Tap-like notoriety...what? I'm just sayin'...

C: - there were people dancing in the aisle by the third song. i've never smoked crack, but i'm pretty sure the high from seeing people dance to your songs is pretty close.

M: That was epic!!! I was not expecting that from the poetry crowd! Totally fun and they looked like they were having such a good time, too. It's such a blast seeing people really get into our ridiculous groove with us.

C: - there were a couple of quiet looking girls in the first row directly in front of me who looked confused, then weirded out, then by the third or fourth song they were laughing. hope we didn't scare them! or corrupt them... they looked like nice wholesome people.

M: That is our mission--confuse and corrupt wherever possible. And make people stay up late on school nights.

C: - for the last tune, when i asked for gals to come dance onstage, at least 8 girls ran right away. i didn't have to bully, or beg, or threaten! yay for enthusiastic dancers! then more gals snuck in from the wings!

M: Oh yeah, that was classic--we were swarmed! Thank you, ladies, for the
stellar booty-shaking--it's times like those that make me feel like a real rockstar!